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Cash Settlements


Cash settlement for our clients is the key to our win-win business model.

As Is Where Is came into existence during the aftermath of the terrible earthquake in February 2011, as a result of seeing the struggles of fellow Christchurch locals.
Problems for the unfortunate Christchurch home owners have been myriad—not the least being damaged homes and compensation claims. Our hometown of Christchurch has, ever since, been under the darkest of shadows in the Land of the Long White Cloud.
The 2011 quake followed one only a year earlier. The most recent episode involved 185 fatalities. With some 8,000 residences in the city and nearby suburbs rendered uninhabitable, close to 70 per cent of Christchurch’s CBD was, or had to be, demolished.
People want out, understandably. But many are hamstrung financially. Seeking adequate compensation, they are finding that the hamster-wheels at the insurance companies and the EQC are not spinning too slowly and all too often, not in their favour.
As Is Where Is has become the industry’s leading Disruptor. We step up, ready to give people cash for their homes—no matter the condition or the location of the property.
Cash settlement is part of our business model because our role is two-fold. On the one hand, we purchase property as a private investor. On the other hand, we invest additional money in order to get that property in better shape—to the requisite standards—so it can then be listed on the rental property market.
It’s good news for you that we act as a private investor. Very good news actually, because the price you agree to is what you get. There are no agent’s commissions and no fees. You get the full amount, as promised.
You are then free to shop for your next home. And you’re in a favourable position to do so. You are every seller’s preferred bidder—cashed-up and ready to roll.
When you see a property you like, your approach will be sure-footed and confident. With the cash behind you, you’ll be at the head of the queue. You’ll also feel none of the desperation commonly found amongst those for whom lender’s approval is uncertain or who cannot proceed until their existing home is sold.
It’s a safe bet to assume you’ve long ago lost interest in fruitless dealings with insurers and the EQC, chasing down adequate compensation for quake damage. Now you know there’s a better way, it’s up to you to get the process underway.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

To seize the day, all you need to do is call us at As Is Where Is.
We are ready to pay you cash. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in. It doesn’t matter where it’s located either.
Expect to have the heavy load lifted from your shoulders and be in better shape as a result—mentally and financially.
The whole process is streamlined. Within 48 hours of your request, you’ll get an appraisal from us for your existing property. When you’re ready to move ahead, contracts can be signed off within the week.
You can still take your time moving out of your old house. You’ll find yourself under no pressure from As Is Where Is.
It costs you nothing to get this process started. Call us at As Is Where Is now.