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Is Your Home damaged or uninsured? We’ll take it!


Insurance company not paying out? Want to put an end to the stress? Do you want cash in your hand instead?

Selling your property has never been so easy. Regardless of what condition it's in.

We’ll take it off your hands, no matter if your home needs repairs or a complete rebuild.

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Cash in the Hand is the kickstart you need following earthquake damage to your home.

Read on. You’ll see how and why you need to act now...

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that compensation under the EQC Act (Earthquake Commission Act 1993) doesn’t exactly move at rocket-like speeds.

If Lenders had been keen to bankroll new start deals for quake survivors, they would have been on the scene even before the emergency rescue teams laced up their boots.

The banks, of course, can’t be blamed for seeing reinvestment in quake damage as risky collateral.

Let’s Look at How You Can Make Your New Start… Right Now!


This is where we come in. The team at As Is Where Is tackles the issue head-on. We make it our business to work around the Big Lender approach, or lack thereof.

We don’t like to waste time. We do our own valuation of your property… as is, where is. Hence the name.

We're not in the business of making low-ball offers. It stands to reason that without realistic cash settlements, you and no one else either, could possibly get that new start we’ve been banging on about.

Our offer, invariably, finds ready acceptance because it is firmly based in reality. Importantly, it is also free of fees and agent commissions.

You win. We win. The acquisition of your old property becomes a positive on our books. Your problem is no problem for us.

What happens next, after you've accepted our offer and offloaded your problem?

Well, it might be time for a celebratory liquid refreshment. You're now free to start shopping around for your new home, cashed up and ready to get on with your life.

It’s that easy.

Once you spot your potential new home, you will need your deposit and fast. Good thing we gave it to you earlier!

You get your deposit money as soon as your signature’s dry on the paperwork outlining our offer. This can take less than a week after you first get in touch with us.

When your new transaction is ready to settle, the balance shows up in your account ready for you to complete the purchase of your new home.

The entire process is extremely convenient and free of hassle.

Get cracking now. Let’s get your new start started and consign your ‘As Is, Where Is’ property to ancient history.

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