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Who Is As Is Where Is?

The Christchurch earthquake of February 2011 registered 6.3 on the Richter Scale. The damage was devastating, not just to buildings and homes, but to lives as well.

Out of the ashes, Asiswhereis.co.nz was born. We found ourselves in a position to help our fellow Christchurch locals.

We saw people whose houses were assessed as ‘write offs’ by insurance companies. But the amounts offered to insured customers were often in dispute.
Catch 22… If the customer were to accept the payout, it would leave them short of the cash needed to fully repair their house. What to do?

This is where Asiswhereis.co.nz comes in.
If this scenario applies to you—needing enough cash from your now-unwanted home to get on with your life again—you should get in touch with As Is Where Is today.

You'll be free to drop negotiations with your insurance company. We've streamlined the whole process.

We'll show you how to cash out of your Uninsured or Damaged house and get back on track a.s.a.p.

Stop worrying and start shopping for a newer, better home.

It gets even better because you avoid valuation fees and agent’s fees and commissions. No fees whatsoever!

What you will get in your hand is the price you agree to. Nothing less.

Make the move to your new home today by contacting As Is Where Is.

Fast contracts


We can complete your contract within 7 days, with a settlement date to suit you. Any condition, any location.

No commission or fees


We work as a private buyer, which means you pay no commission or fees. You get the whole settlement amount.

Move When You Are Ready


Stay in your property until you find suitable alternative accommodation.
We are here to help.

What our clients say

"First meet Simon ,viva the internet advert.we made contact with him as we where advised to get some prices by eqc for our damaged house. Simon was the first to come around.he was punctual and very professional to deal with.the communication was outstanding keeping us informed of his process and how the process worked.we got a few more people round to get a median price .out of all the companies that came Simon and as is where is seemed the most genuine and down to earth.there was never any pressure from him to rush ,we had full flexibility to settle on our terms no rush to move out .that was all up to us.deb and myself felt that the settlement figure was very fair and to be honest no hassles and no agents fees.some of the other company reminded me of fast talking car dealers and always ringing and txting quite stressful at times.we had been in our property for 22 years so had quite a bit of attachment to the house.simon was very respectful of this and gave us plenty of room to make a hard decision.i was that impressed with the hole process I have recommended him to another friend of mine in the same position as we were.i would like to take time to say thank you to as is where is and Simon for a job well done"

Mike and Deb
Our dealing with Simon from as is where is was as easy as possible. From the first contact, a meeting was made within a couple of days where an acceptable offer was made on the spot. A written unconditional offer followed later that day. Simon was empathetic to our needs and was upfront with regard to his proposal for the property. The deal was continued to completion without a hitch and we are very pleased with the outcome. He allowed us to continue on with our plans with out any stress or hassle. We would gladly recommend Simon and his team to anyone wanting to sort out their as is where is situation.

Mark, Bishopdale
I was concerned it would be very difficult to sell my property however I was lucky to come across Simon. He was absolutely fantastic. He was so helpful and very professional throughout what could have been a very stressful process. I found him to be very fair and honest. A man of integrity unlike many others I came across in the business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. You will not be disappointed!

Anja, City Centre