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EQC Repaired Homes


EQ Repaired Homes are not easy to assess when it comes to the quality of the repairs.
All the usual suspects involved in the purchase of such properties—banks, insurance companies, and lawyers—have a difficult, if not impossible, time determining whether the home in-question has been properly repaired.
The lay person has next to no chance of knowing. If ever there were a situation that called for a video playback… this is it.
When you've repaired the quake-damaged house for your own use, all well and good. But, ultimately, when the time finally comes for it to be sold, questions about the repair will no doubt surface again.
A simpler alternative would be to move on. Let someone else worry about repairing it properly and bringing it up to the required standards.

Cash For Your Home

We’re ready at As Is Where Is to give you cash for your home, straight up. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in and it doesn’t matter where it’s located.
Following the transaction, we spend more of our own money on renovation, to do what’s needed to get the property ready for the rental property market.
We give you cash for your home, acting as a private investor and a cashed-up landlord. This is industry disruption!
It couldn’t work out better for you, because you too become cashed-up. With our participation as a private purchaser, no commissions are involved and no fees whatsoever come out your payment.
Your agreed sales price is paid to you in its entirety.
Finding your next home is now brimming with possibilities. After all, you are now a buyer with cash at the ready. You’ll be ready to bid with confidence so that any home you set your sights on, falls within easier reach.
Aside from all this, your precious time will not be wasted chasing down fairer compensation for quake damage from insurers or the EQC. And in the real estate market itself, you’ll have no need to deal with commission-hungry agents. What’s not to like?
This is why As Is Where Is has become such a successful Industry Disruptor.
Is there a better option than daring to seize the day? To grab your opportunity now, all you need to do is call us.
You’ll end up—as have most of our EQ Repaired Home clients—in better financial shape as a result.
The whole process is streamlined and glitch-free. You get an appraisal for your existing property within 48 hours of asking. And when you’re ready to move ahead, contracts can be drawn up within the week.
Having agreed to sell, there's no panic. You can take your time moving out of the house. You’ll find yourself under no pressure from us.
Last but not least, it will cost you nothing to get the process started. Simply call us at As Is Where Is now.